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“Welcome to the re-launch of our legal services. I was in fact tempted to say welcome to the launch of the legal service because I believe what is now on offer is completely new and innovative.

I strongly believe that a strong and all encompassing legal service is one of the most important things that a modern Trade Union must deliver. That is why one of the first things I wanted to do upon being elected by you as your EC member was to get our legal services right in Scotland. I have been working with colleagues in Thompsons, Solicitors for several months now and believe together we have done exactly that.

I have never believed that our duties and responsibilities to our members starts and ends at the fire station. A Trade Union must help and support members in every aspect of their lives. If a member has difficulty with his life outside work then that will inevitably affect the member’s standard of work which could lead to the issue of discipline. I therefore believe to ensure a strong workforce, and therefore a strong Union, we must look after members in every aspect of their lives.

That is exactly what this new legal service not only aims to do, but actually does.

Our legal service used to be viewed as simply there to assist with serious accidents at work. That is not the case anymore. If any member has any issue which requires the input or assistance from a lawyer the first place to turn is to FBU4U.

Roddy Robertson - FBU Scotland EC Member


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